The 2013 Road Trip for Success was phenomenal!

The tour included Little Rock, Arkansas, Birmingham, Alabama, Memphis and Nashville Tennessee. We played two of the country’s finest golf courses, toured five outstanding colleges and visited some of the most important cultural stops in our nation including the Clinton Library, The Civil Rights Museum, The Lorraine Motel and Stax Records. It was a journey we will never forget!

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  1. Ericka Milhouse
    September 30, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    My Son was a 2012-2013 Midnight Golf participant, one of the most amazing experiences we both had. This program has been so valuable in preparing him for college as well as providing him with valuable life skills. From his participation, he has matured and is a more refined young man,has gone to his first adult play (The Lion King), has wonderful golf gear (gifted & provided by MGP sponsors) and golf etiquette and skills, gained summer employment, has a mentor, met alike peers, visited a variety of colleges and prepared to apply & attend, learned to search and prepare for college scholarships, just to name a few things. We are both so grateful for the opportunity and experiences provided.

    I strongly believe that this program has proven its success over the years and would be a great assess to more than just the 100 + participant it is limited to (due to limited funding). If I had a wish list, it would be that The Midnight Golf Program be funded and staffed to provide the same opportunity to every student, beyond 100+ that wants to participate, as my son was afforded. I worry about those 300+ students that were not accepted/turned away because of the limited funding that this program has raised. My heart ache for them, it is so obvious and expressed that they (the students) want this opportunity to be involved in this great program. Some of whom don’t have any other options or not interested in anything else.

    The youth of Detroit deserve MGP as a vehicle to develop a stronger future for Detroit. It is this, The Midnight Golf Program that allowed my son an opportunity to do something positive after-school, a safe and learning environment to grow in Detroit. I wish MGP was a program that students could participate as a continuum through high school. This program/curriculum is just that valuable, relevant and needed. The Staff is very dedicated and sincere in the success of all their students/participants.

    Thank you so very much Ms. Renee and all the mentors, sponsors and program support for the experience that we will be forever grateful. I/We wish The Midnight Golf Program much growth and success in the future.

    Truly Grateful,

    Ericka and Blake Milhouse

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