Helping teens tee up for lifelong success

By Melissa Delekta, MSU Today

In Detroit, the last thing on the typical teenagers’ mind is golf; however, the Midnight Golf program is changing all of that. Through its 30-week empowerment program Midnight Golf insists that the participants, who come from across Detroit’s neighborhoods, learn more than just the game of golf.

John Ambrose, associate director for Inclusion and Strategic Planning at Michigan State University, dedicates his time each week to be a mentor to some of the 1,000-plus participants in the program.

“Working with a different group every year gives me an opportunity to stay directly connected to the problem and the answer, and the students represent both,” Ambrose said. “Many of the youth face staggering challenges but Midnight Golf inspires them to understand that they have the power to change their world and the world around them.”

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Helping teens tee up for lifelong success

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