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Our young people have unique needs at this time of year, whether it’s a bus ticket home from college or money for next semester’s books. Your support will help the 250 high school seniors and 1,500 alumni we currently serve, who are studying at over 100 colleges and universities persist from first to second semester. We’re proud of our 99% persistance rate – but we need your help.

Your support allows us to maintain our 99% semester-to-semester college persistence rate and makes graduation possible!


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Tyler’s Story

Tyler Armstrong

Tyler is thriving in his sophomore year at Michigan State University! He has a 3.7 GPA, was recently admitted to the Eli Broad College of Business and has accepted an internship at Kellogg’s this coming summer.

Tyler is well on his way to earning his degree and embarking on his dream career in finance, but he still faces daunting roadblocks on the path to success. Tyler comes from a single-parent household and his mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, putting an even larger financial strain on the already expensive cost of a college education.

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Kennedy’s Story

Tyler Armstrong

As she transitions from her first to second semester during her freshman year at Benedict College, Kennedy is still adjusting to life away from and the pressures of college. She is thankful for the emotional and practical support she receives from her MGP College Success Coaches, Cayla and Winston, and they have helped her understand that she needs to continue to push herself to get good grades to maintain her full-ride and supplemental scholarships. 

“MGP has given me the knowledge to know what to look for, who to talk to, and how to get engaged in causes and classes I care about,” Kennedy said. “I feel prepared as I move forward through life as a college student and making the best connections for me.”
Despite having a full-ride scholarship, Kennedy still has costs that go beyond her tuition. She explains needing additional aid for costs like food and more winter clothing. 
Unfortunately, Kennedy’s needs are not unique and your support in bridging our students’ financial gaps can make the difference in whether they can continue their education. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a $1,000 increase in a student’s financial aid corresponds to a 9.2-percentage-point decrease in the likelihood that a student will drop out of college. 

We’re proud of our results this year

MGP Persistence Rate

Kevin’s Story

Kevin (right) with former mentor, Victor.

Kevin (MGP ’19) is finishing his first semester at Morgan State University. He has transitioned well from high school to college, minus a bit of homesickness and learning how to manage his time. His biggest challenge is being financially prepared. He is seeking ways to close his financial gap of over $4,000 going into next semester.

“MGP is just another big family that is filled with love and support,” said Kevin. “It goes to show that there are people in this world that care about you and want to see you succeed.”

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