As every Midnight Golf Program mentor will attest, the rewarding nature of their work with young adults in the program far outweighs the time put in.

And that time is significant. Mentors attend the program twice a week for 30 weeks and accompany our young people on a weeklong college tour.

Mentors tell us that their work with young people gives them energy. They draw inspiration from students’ fearlessness. They practice accountability with the students and with themselves. And they tap a familial-like love that gives their workaday world a sweeter perspective.

Jim Breaugh

Captain/Chief Pilot, Delta Air Lines

“Midnight Golf Program is such a fertile environment to give back, which is something we all need to do as much as we can afford. I honestly can’t imagine not being involved with MGP. It is ironic because it takes so much of my energy, both physical and mental, yet I get such great satisfaction of having my ‘tank’ emptied so often. The time commitment for all is often daunting, yet never a burden.”

Amber C. Sillmon

Project Accountant, WSP – Parsons Brinkerhoff

“We spend 30 long weeks with the students. But honestly, when you’re in the program and fully present, you don’t notice the time. I could be having the worst day, but once I walk through those doors and get a hug from the staff and the students smile at me and ask how my day is going, it totally melts away. They energize me! We get to see their ups and downs. We get to see them struggle. We celebrate their wins, but, most importantly, we really get to see them transform over the course of the program.”

Winston Coffee

Assistant Coordinator of Student Service & Support and Team Leader, Midnight Golf Program

“I’m so proud when I see a young MGP alum representing the brand and using the tools they were taught during the program. I get excited thinking that these are the future leaders and all of them are from metro Detroit. A lot gets said about this generation and even more about young people from Detroit, but these young people are dispelling those ideas on a daily basis and that makes me beam with pride.”

Cheryl Anita Stafford

Principal Analyst, Community Agency Partnership, DTE Energy

“I choose to use my discretionary time volunteering at Midnight Golf because I have a chance to make a difference in someone’s life. It is so fulfilling to see our young adults who have no idea or thoughts around going to college or where to go, graduate from college with bachelor’s and master’s degrees; to watch them fall in love with the game of golf; and finally to witness the family that is built every year.”

Mae Martin

Nurse Case Manager, Total Health Care

“It’s great to be part of a program that works. Watching the maturation process of the students is so special and heart warming. It’s rewarding. The students honestly make me feel good, and I learn a lot from them. I look forward to the new batch of students every year. I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie, being able to give back, and sharing my experiences.”

About Our Mentors

Midnight Golf Program mentors are 54 strong this year and are adults from all walks of life, generations, careers and experiences. Mentors are equally balanced between males and females. Over 75 percent of our mentors reside in the city of Detroit.