High School Empowerment:
The Set Up

Students, staff members and mentors gather two evenings a week at Marygrove College and spend three hours together at the Midnight Golf Program (MGP). Young people gain confidence and build life skills in a family-like atmosphere. Mentor-to-student support and peer-to-peer support are important aspects of the 30-week program.

MGP presents educational sessions on a wide variety of topics of interest to young people and of vital importance to their success, including:

  • Interpersonal skills and etiquette
  • Financial literacy
  • Public speaking
  • Time management
  • Networking and career exploration
  • Conflict resolution
  • Community activism
  • College and career readiness
  • Golf and sportsmanship

Instruction is interactive and often includes small group discussion. We, of course, learn and practice the game of golf. A highlight for the seniors is the six-day Road Trip for Success College Tour.

Read more about our program methodology here.

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