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Midnight Golf Launches College Success Program

Beginning with the Midnight Golf Program’s graduating class of 2018, we have expanded our support through the College Success Program. The three newly hired College Success Coaches support the 1,000+ MGP graduates who are enrolled in college this fall. They provide the students with proactive support to access on-campus resources, guidance from MGP staff, and financial assistance.

Upon high school graduation, MGP students are paired with a full-time dedicated College Success Coach, who serves as their primary point of contact. These dedicated and experienced coaches, with the support of the mentors, formally track each student. Students participating in the program receive regular communication & check-ins. These interactions are designed to gather information in support of measuring against our Student Success Factors.

Meet the MGP College Success Coaches 

In addition to the existing mentor team, MGP recently hired three full-time College Success Coaches to work directly with our college and high school students.


Winston Coffee, College Liaison and College Success Coach
Winston has been a dedicated mentor with the organization since 2011 and now serves as a Mentor Team Leader where he provides operational direction during Midnight Golf’s weeknight sessions. Winston holds a degree in English from Central Michigan University and his passion for working with youth is made evident through his personal and professional endeavors. Mentoring young men and women in the Midnight Golf Program through the critical transition from high school to college, then continuing to be a source of support for them through their collegiate tenure, Winston has been able to fulfill that passion.

Winston’s goal is to encourage and empower young people with knowledge, and hopefully inspire the next generation to do the same for those who come after them.

Zubin Khan, College Success Coach
Zubin graduated from Eastern Michigan University. Prior to joining Midnight Golf, he worked as a College Adviser at Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, a high school on the west side of Detroit. While there, Zubin worked primarily with seniors on the college application process, paying for college, and finding which school best suits them. Zubin was introduced to the field of education through previous employment as a college student through Upward Bound, GEAR UP, and Eastern Opportunity. In all of these programs, he served as a peer mentor and is dedicated to bridging the educational gap for minority students.


Cayla Warren, College Success Coach
Cayla graduated from Michigan State University with her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Human Development and Family Studies. She previously worked as a College Adviser in Detroit through the Michigan State College Advising Corps. Cayla is passionate about working with youth in college because she believes that every student who has a desire to go to college, should also have opportunities to thrive in college. Cayla is driven by not only getting students to college, but getting them through by way of providing the necessary resources and support.

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