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Midnight Golf Program awarded $170,000 from the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation to lead college success efforts

The Midnight Golf Program (MGP) was awarded two grants by the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation, furthering the foundation’s investment in making graduation possible for MGP students.

The first award is a two-year grant for the annual Road Trip for Success college tour, with $60,000 in each year. The Road Trip for Success is a week-long, out-of-state travel and learning experience for MGP participants, combining college visits, cultural exposure and golf. The trip is for all program participants, including adult mentors, and provides a journey of bonding and learning. The Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation has been a major supporter of this trip in the past, including the 2018 trip. On that trip, 30 students were accepted to three different schools and earned $140,000 in scholarships.

The Michigan-based foundation also granted $50,000 to fund the College Success Program in 2019. Through this program, launched in the fall of 2018, MGP hired three fulltime college success coaches, who begin working with students during their senior year of high school. Coaches stay with students throughout college, providing the hands-on, proactive and data-driven guidance they need to graduate and be prepared to embark on their desired career.

“College success is a multi-faceted and evolving effort that requires staying power and commitment,” said Dave Gamlin, MGP’s VP and Program Director. “The Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation understands the impact of this work and through its outstanding leadership and support, ensures that dreams become reality for our young people. This is the essence of genuine partnership that is serving Detroit youth.”

About Midnight Golf

Since the program was founded in 2001, Midnight Golf has helped make graduation possible for more than 2,500 of Detroit’s young people. The program, which uses mentorship, life-skills, college readiness training and proactive in-college support as cornerstones for success, has established a track-record where 100% of its students have graduated high school and 70% have graduated college – a rate that is 4-times higher than unsupported Detroit youth.

You can learn more about MGP’s method for making graduation possible and how you can to get involved HERE.

For more information contact: Clover McFadden,, 248-792-9438.

Learn more about the Road Trip for Success and College Success Program and join the Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation’s efforts in supporting these initiatives HERE.