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Demanding donors? They’re worth the extra time

Jamie Jacob is a highly engaged donor with the Midnight Golf Program, a nonprofit that prepares high school seniors for college and life success.

He is chairman of the board of directors, mentors young people, and accompanies students on their annual five-day Road Trip for Success college tour. He regularly brings friends and colleagues to the student program held nightly at Marygrove College on Detroit’s west side because he is such a strong believer in the program’s approach. And he has propelled the organization to serve more students by providing both the financial means and business leadership for the organization to double its capacity.

Jacob and his wife have a philanthropic organization, the Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation. “When we first became involved with the program, it had a 125 high school senior class and applications four times that amount,” Jacob said. “It was unfortunate that so many aspiring college-bound students had to be turned away.”

So, working closely with Midnight Golf Program’s executive director, Reneé Fluker, Jacob helped… [click here to read full article]