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Name: Paris M. Lamb

MGP Class: May of 2022

Occupation: Sophomore Student at Temple University/Philadelphia, PA

Midnight Golf Program (MGP) is not just a program, but it is a lifestyle. Before being given the opportunity to be in MGP I was a student for four years at Farmington High School. While being a student, I held many positions such as Class President for four years, Varsity Volleyball Captain, and honors. Through the support of my family, I was able to pursue many opportunities. However, to this day, MGP has been one of the best opportunities I have been granted. When arriving at MGP I was astounded by the immaculate energy. The room was full of excellence. It was one of the first times that I had been surrounded by peers of my age who were all striving for success. This was very motivating because each Monday and Wednesday I looked forward to attending MGP and hearing of the success of my peers. Hearing of their success and journeys allowed me to expand upon my goals and learn of opportunities I would be capable of obtaining in the future. Before entering MGP, I had predestined goals for myself, but while being in MGP, receiving mentorship, and seeing the success of my peers, I realized I had potential beyond the original goals I had set for myself. This realization motivated me and allowed me to my horizons. In addition to my personal growth, by being in MGP I gained lifelong connections and friends, I received mentorship that I cherish to this day, and I have ultimately learned that there is no limit to the possibility of success and every opportunity is achievable.

I am a sophomore Health Professions major at Temple University, and I am on the road to becoming an Epidemiologist. I would not be at Temple University without the help of MGP. When embarking on my college decision journey, I realized choosing a college can be tricky. I wanted to attend a university that suited me best and would allow me to flourish. Mr. Coffee introduced me to Temple University based on the preferences I provided. Attending Temple University has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. While at Temple University I maintained a 4.0 GPA. I am an E-board member of Eta Sigma Gamma, a public health organization, and a Residential Assistant. I have also participated in research related to cognitive decline, specifically with degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Currently, I am a Research Assistant focusing on language deprivation in deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. The help and support of my family and MGP have allowed me to flourish and pursue my God-given purpose. Deciding on a university is not only about choosing a school but also providing the financial means as well. MGP provided financial support for me by receiving awards like the Ms. Renee College scholarship and the National Football League (NFLPA) scholarship. These awards have helped me continue to pursue my educational journey.