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By Pushing Himself, Malik Singleton Opened Up Opportunities

By Malik Singleton

At the beginning of my senior year, I had a 1.9 GPA. I  already had my mind made up on where I was going. It was Henry Ford Community College and real estate school just so it looked like I’m really doing something after high school. I joined Midnight Golf in early October 2017. As soon as I went to my first day, I felt encouragement already. I didn’t want to take my SAT again but one of the mentors talked me into it. I took it again and went up 180 points from my original score.

I had been accepted to one of my top schools, University of Toledo, as well as Talledega College and Harris-Stowe State University. My heart was set on University of Toledo. While listening to my mentors, I kept applying pressure to my academics. By the favor of God, I was getting acceptance letters from all of the schools I applied to and wanted to attend. I was still unsure of where I wanted to attend because I was only applying to schools to prove myself worthy. Harris-Stowe was constantly on my radar. The mentors at MGP kept talking to me about Harris-Stowe. Harris-Stowe was the first to send me a financial aid packet and was always there whenever I had a question. I had visited the campus and knew this was a place that can put me on to so many things and I can put the school on also. After the trip, I was inspired to travel and do more with my life so that’s another reason why I chose Harris-Stowe.

By June 2018, I graduated high school with a 3.4 GPA. I received the principal award and nearly $200,000 worth of scholarships. I never thought I would accomplish what I accomplished and I thank MGP for a lot of the help and decision making.

Malik is a Business Marketing Major at Harris-Stowe State University. He is also fundraising chair for Poise Modeling, Midnight Golf Program Alumni Association – Community Service President and 100 Collegiate Black Males- Recording Secretary.

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