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Antione Taylor, Reneé Fluker and Lance Johnson.

MGP Alum Organizes Donation of College Care Packages

Lance Johnson (MGP ’18) wanted to let his fellow college students know that he cares. He remembers receiving a care package from MGP and it made a difference knowing people were thinking of him.  In fact, a lot of people care. They received over 100 donations of cash and supplies.

Lance and his fraternity brother Antione Taylor decided to organize The College Dash to raise money and collect supplies for donation to college students. Between the pandemic, school closures, virtual classes and other disruptions over the past six months, Lance knew college students are struggling. Together they raised over $1500, enough to put together 50 care packages. Lance called Reneé Fluker at Midnight Golf to ask for help distributing them to college students in need. The team took him up on the offer and are getting the packages to MGP alumni.

This is not Lance and Antoine’s first time running a donation campaign. Over the holidays, they organized a clothing drive called Dashing through Detroit, where they collected bags of clothes from people’s homes and gave them to local charities.

To get the word out, Lance and Antoine use their Instagram audiences, flyers and personal and professional networks.

Lance credits MGP in part for his interest in giving back to the community.

It made me want to be bigger than just work for myself and get ahead,” Lance said of Midnight Golf. “I was already that kind of person but seeing how dedicated the mentors and sponsors are made me want to give back and help rebuild Detroit and uplift my community.”

In addition to making plans for another Dashing through Detroit, Lance is a junior majoring in business and marketing at Michigan State University. He runs a web series called The Bigger Picture, where he interviews young, local entrepreneurs and business owners. The Bigger Picture airs on IGTV and YouTube. Antoine, an MSU alumni, runs a local networking program called Moguls in the Making.