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Sharing Life Lessons for Happiness and Success

Clover McFadden

Communications Director, Midnight Golf Program; Years as a mentor: 8

Having been with MGP for eight years now, I can honestly say that Midnight Golf means family. When you walk through the doors it feels like family, complete with hugs, words of welcome, and smiling faces excited to see each other.

The MGP team is so committed to the success of our young people. We all just want them to follow their passions and dreams and be great people. We take genuine interest in our young people. It’s authentic and you can feel it.

In turn, the young people we work with are authentic and committed. I admire their strength and tenacity and am inspired by their youthful energy and excitement. I am so proud of their accomplishments and whenever I hear from them, I immediately start smiling and can feel my spirit lifting. Because they’re watching and paying attention to everything I do, it helps hold me accountable. Every time I remind them to take steps towards being their best selves, I have to ask myself if I’m doing the same. They remind me to be bold and daring and to be fearless.

They also remind me of why I’m here: I feel strongly about issues like equity in education and believe that every young person deserves a fair chance to become his or her best self. Where you were born, what schools you went to, your socioeconomic status – those things shouldn’t matter, and I think mentoring helps level the playing field. We all have a story to tell and life lessons to share, and it’s our responsibility to pass what we know along to the next generation.