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Modeling A Successful Relationship

Joe & Diane Moody

Retired Educators; Years as mentors: 14

Our impact on students is positive because we not only mentor as individuals, but also as a couple. Many of the students do not come from homes where there is a father/mother relationship and that leaves them not fully understanding marriages and how people relate to each other in a marriage. As a married couple, our 36-year relationship serves as an example to many of our students that they can have successful, long-term relationships also. We serve as a model for them in that capacity.

We became mentors for MGP because we felt the need to assist young people with the transition to college and the world of work. We are both retired educators, having been teachers and principals at different schools and at different times. We enjoy watching kids grow and learn new skills. Our experience is special because as we mentor, we begin to see the growth and change that takes place in their lives.

We are impacted greatly by the relationships we develop with many of the MGP students. Some have become our new “kids”/ extended family. We have been invited to weddings, baby showers, graduations and family gatherings. Students have come to visit us in our home on various occasions.

“Our experience is special because as we mentor, we begin to see the growth and change that takes place in their lives.”

We have had many wonderful experiences with the students. One student in particular was having issues getting to MGP on time and was frequently left with no ride home. We picked that student up from home, work, school and other locations to help him maintain his involvement. He acknowledged us at his family gathering as one of the reasons for his success in completing the program and getting a scholarship to college.

We have several reasons for being involved with MGP: we try always to engage in activities together and enjoy the relationships with students and other mentors that have grown over the years. MGP is now a part of our lives and fills a need to work in our community, advancing the lives of young people.