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For many Detroit students, guidance is tough to come by

The Midnight Golf Program welcomed 10 new mentors this year. In October, the Mentor Retreat brought together the program’s 60 mentors, who received training on how to best manage issues with students and maximize their relationships. Mentors are the life-blood of Midnight Golf, attending the high school empowerment program twice a week for 30 weeks and accompanying students on a week-long college tour, donating roughly 390 hours over the course of the year.

For MGP mentors, rejoicing in young people’s successes and supporting them through difficulties is part and parcel to their commitment to the young people and the program.

Meet a Few of Our Newest Mentors

Dwayne Everson
Technical Operation Supervisor, Comcast

“I decided to become a mentor for the Midnight Golf Program to have an opportunity to guide kids on their path to success. As a mentor, I expect to give advice, a lot on life and how to deal with difficult situations. As a mentor, I expect to gain a better understanding of the younger generation.”

Raggeria Goddard
Maven Growth Manager, General Motors

“I decided to become a mentor because the measure of success to me is the number of lives that I can positively impact. Throughout my life, I have had people champion me because they saw something in me that I did not see in myself. I recognize I embody the opportunity to pay it forward to the youth of today!

“As a mentor, I want to assist young people in realizing their full potential. My goal is for each one of them to walk away with a high degree of confidence and motivated in knowing that nothing is impossible. I hope to impose the perspective that they are solely the narrator of their stories and life is about choices and taking ownership. There is a lot to be learned from generation gaps. I expect to receive some transitional ways of thinking and alternate approaches to achieving the same goal. More importantly, don’t take life too serious, remembering to have fun in the process.”

LaMont Hampton
Product Engineering Program Management, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

“It is inspiring to see our youth with aspirations beyond their current situations. As a mentor, I expect to share my experiences in having been where many of the participants currently are.”

Jonathan King
Autonomous Vehicle Design Engineer, General Motors

“I decided to become a Midnight Golf mentor for a variety of reasons. One, I am passionate about mentoring youth from my community to help guide them on a path of success by relating to them and telling my story. Two, I like the uniqueness of this program compared to other mentoring programs. It is very well structured and comes with a sense of family. Lastly, I like to golf and want to do it more, so combining mentoring and golf is a perfect mix for me.

“My first impression is that the kids and mentors are both very excited to be a part of the program. I can see the family aspect of the program very early on as well.”

Bailey McFadden
Regional Merchandising Planner, Carhartt and MGP Alumnus

“I know the importance of having a mentor. I decided to become a mentor to be able to give back to the program that has poured and continues to pour so much into me. MGP played a huge part in molding me into the person I am today and I want to continue that cycle by being a role model to the students.

“As a mentor, I want to help the students realize their fullest potential by supporting them along this journey and encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves.”

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