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Len Wiles and Tommy Longest

There are no two better individuals who embody the passion and devotion necessary to ensure our young people’s success than Tommy Longest (in loving memory) and Len Wiles.

As a long-time supporter of the Midnight Golf Program, Len founded the Ford-BASF “Get Ready Fore Golf” annual fundraiser in 2007, which has raised approximately $750,000 over 12 years to support MGP students and organizational growth. Len is currently the Global Director of Detroit OEMs at BASF and sits on the MGP Board of Directors.

Tommy became involved with MGP as a mentor when his daughter, Khloe, joined the program in 2013. As a longtime member of the Board of Directors, Tommy led many successful initiatives, including the Lionel Jordan Scholarship Invitational, which he cofounded with Len in 2015 and has raised approximately $500,000.

Tommy passed away last December. His wife, Kelly, will be accepting this award on his behalf.

“Tommy was honored and excited about giving back to such a wonderful cause,” said Kelly. “Not to mention the program was designed to teach the children the fundamentals of golf, life skills and reward them for all of their academic accomplishments. Tommy was a golf enthusiast and thought that a good education was the foundation for a successful future.”

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