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MGP Alumna wins Community Impact Award

Gerrae Cotton is a shining example of an MGP alum who lives the core values – or ‘ISMs’ as they are known at her employer Quicken Loans. She was recently recognized with the prestigious Community Impact Award for demonstrating the core value of “think globally, act locally” at Rock Honors, a Quicken Loans annual awards ceremony. The award is for seeing “the global picture of our community” and goes to a Quicken Loans team member who gives back to the community.

To see Gerrae’s qualifications for this award, one only has to look at her experience with the Midnight Golf Program.

“”I spoke about how learning how to develop relationships is something I can do globally and apply locally,” she said. “The relationships I have developed in MGP have helped me build in my life.”

A graduate of the Class of 2008, Gerrae has been a mentor in the program for six years, putting her own experience to practice with the next generation of Midnight Golf students.

Gerrae gives back to Midnight Golf in many ways and incredible her story of perseverance was highlighted at the 2018 Birthday Celebration.

Gerrae has worked as software engineer at Quicken Loans for three years and was one of four finalists for the Community Impact Award. She was surprised at the awards ceremony when she was announced the winner. She was glad it gave her a chance to share the story of Midnight Golf with Quicken Loans as a whole.

“It’s brought awareness to the program a bit more,” she said of having the trophy on her desk and the opportunity to talk about Midnight Golf when people ask about her award.

Of being a mentor, Gerrae said she is proud of how Midnight Golf has grown and how she is still growing with the program.

“I enjoy it because I am continuously growing and learning as if I were still one of the students,” she said.

Gerrae’s Story


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