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Name: Aaryn Sherman

MGP Class: 2023

Occupation: First Year College Student (Vanderbilt University)

Background: Before I came to Midnight Golf, I was relatively shy, as I found myself anxious when speaking to adults, uncomfortable presenting myself to large audiences, and unaware of how to network effectively. However, these were the skills that I quickly gained after spending my senior year in Midnight Golf. I made new friends, learned the wonderful sport of golf, and benefitted from Midnight Golf’s exclusive resources, such as scholarships, various event opportunities, and workshops. I truly believe I would not have the confidence I have today without the help of Midnight Golf. As I now attend Vanderbilt University, I understand how crucial it is for students to develop their independence. I know how to use my resources to get help when I need it. I understand the importance of making a name for myself on campus by introducing myself to professors, speaking to other students, and sitting in the front of class, and most importantly, I’ve learned how properly show my gratitude along the way. This knowledge has taken me much further than I imagined during my first year at Vanderbilt. 

Success Story and Highlights: As a Vanderbilt Freshman, I currently have a 3.7 GPA and, I am a Medicine, Health, and Society major. On campus, I am a member of Vanderbilt’s Programming Board, Pre-Dental Society, and Photography Society. When I’m not in class, I shadow at local dental offices in Nashville to gain experience in my dream profession. As I continue my journey in Nashville, I hope to get involved in research, become a Teacher Assistant for mathematics, and continue to prepare for dental school. During high school, I had the following extracurriculars: competitive dance, piano lessons, Delta Gems, Jack and Jill of America, The Debutante Club, and during my senior year, Midnight Golf. I had a 4.0 GPA at Detroit Country Day School where I was the president of Photography Club, cheer captain, and on the board of the Black Student Alliance. At the end of my senior year, I was granted over $260,000 (through the Cornelius Scholarship) to attend Vanderbilt University. I recognize the wonderful opportunities and experiences that I had before college. Midnight Golf is one of these many things. Regardless, it still took a lot of balancing, hard work, and dedication to get to where I am today. I am so grateful for my support system- my parents, friends, and especially my Midnight Golf Family for always supporting my goals, believing in my abilities, and making me feel like I can take on anything the world throws at me.