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Jessica Radford Attends 2020 NCAA Career in Sports Forum

MGP alumni (’16) and Norfolk State University graduate, Jessica Radford, attended the 2020 NCAA Career in Sports Forum the last week of May. She, along with 350 NCAA college athletes, attended the three-day virtual forum.

Speakers represented a variety of aspects of working in sports, from coaching to communication. There were large-group motivational speakers and breakout sessions.

“We communicated with other student athletes,” Jessica said. “At first I didn’t really know the importance of what was happening.”

Before the forum, Jessica participated in pregame assignments and learned a lot from the strength finder assessment. Her top five strengths, according to the finder, are “woo,” adaptability, includer, communication and ideation.

Jessica will attend University of the Pacific in California this fall, where she will pursue a master’s degree in mass communications with an emphasis in media and public relations. Her dream is to work in professional sports.

Jessica credits Midnight Golf with her networking ability and confidence in taking risks.

Following on from the forum, she is reaching out to Erica Swilley, Senior Director, Community Relations at Detroit Pistons, who spoke at the forum about a possible internship for volunteer opportunities.

Jessica’s advice:

I always tell people take the risk. You never know what you are able to do if you do not actually do it.