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Tayler P. Curry (MGP ’17) will have her last two years of school paid for by the USDA, an internship opportunity and a guaranteed job offer when she graduates from Tuskegee University in 2022. She was named a USDA Scholar in May through their USDA/1890 National Scholars Program.

“I kept God first and remembered the advice and lesson I had learned from those I valued,” Tayler says as her reasons for receiving the scholarship. “Setting the goal and staying focused on attaining it got me where I am today.”

This scholarship removes the financial burden, so Tayler says she can focus on learning. She is majoring in agriculture business with a concentration in agricultural economics. She hopes to conduct research on the effects of food access in diverse communities across the United States. She hopes to be a part of implementing policies that will improve the wellbeing of minorities and those who are underrepresented.

Tayler at Keep Growing Detroit in 2018.

Tayler attributes the networking and other life skills she learned from Midnight Golf as a major reason for her college success and this unique opportunity.

“The environment was electric,” she says. “Along with the golfing they taught us invaluable skills like networking, being able to advocate for yourself, knowing who to talk to, knowing your brand and how you want to represent yourself as a person.”

Tayler’s mentor Ms. Jacci Woods was very influential to her.

“She was the person that really spent time with me, helped me and showed me the way,” she said. “She gave me a lot of wisdom.”

Tayler is currently spending time back in Detroit with her family. She hopes to be able to do an internship this summer before going back to Tuskegee in the fall. She was recently inducted into Gamma Sigma Delta, the Honor Society of Agriculture, where she will be secretary this year.

Long term, Tayler wants to return to Detroit to use her knowledge and experience to make positive changes in her hometown.

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